An initiative or major dream/goal of this site is to develop a youth preparation program for Christian Leadership.

I imagine 2 conferences per year where 50-100 young people est. 16-18 years of age are taken through a specific and program aimed to prepare for the challenges and pitfalls of being a Christian Leader.

I know that following biblical teachings would be enough, however, life throws unexpected and dangerous curve balls and I’ve seen a few.

All and any donations/funding support for this site will initially be diverted to this project.

Proposed Curriculum topics

  • Building your brand

Young people need to learn how to look at the big picture.  How to understand that after the beginning of your Christian journey there is a legacy and ‘Brand’ that you create which has to stand the test of time and strong enough to withstand future attacks.

  • Snakes and ladders

Life throws up pitfalls to trap the unwary as well as opportunities to forge ahead.  Spotting and being ready for them.

  • Positive relationships

Positive and beneficial/proper intimate relationships with partners and friends.  Creating and maintaining the right environment and any necessary boundaries.

  • Being an eternal

Understanding that we are eternal beings and the decisions we make carry eternal consequences.

  • Armory and warfare

Understanding the fight and having the right equipment.

  • Walking with God

How to make it a daily and constant intimate relationship

  • Legalese

Are there laws restricting your Christian actions??  How to operate and obey the Lord in these environments.

  • Wisdom

Where to find it, how to acquire and use it.