Revival Victoria

For us all to inspire a passion to stand for Christ
and revive love and commitment for God in this state!

Our Mission & Vision

At Revival Victoria, our vision and mission is to ignite a passion in Christians to strengthen their commitment and connection with God for the purpose of inspiring Christian revival in Victoria.

The mission statement / objective of this site is to encourage renewal of the dedication of God’s People in Victoria in our Lord, Jesus Christ by way of remembering their original love {Rev: 2:4}, casting aside compromise (of Christian standards) with the world {James 4:4} and strengthening their resolve {Ephesians 6:11-12} to stand firm for God.

There will be new blog posts each week, so have a look on Monday nights to see what is new.  Give us two/three months to impress you with God’s message and see what it says to you. 

Be strong in the lord. God Bless! 

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Points to Ponder

Victorian State Election, electorate self esteem

As a voter you need some self esteem and not accept governments in general that are poor with public funds, devisive, economically damaging and serve self interests.  Also Christians need to ensure that there are people in government that can be relied upon, not to...

Author Update

Just a little about me and my background and drive for this site.

Walking with God

A successful walk with God is a tricky and challenging road, here are some thoughts.

Join the Movement

This site is dedicated to the renewal and revival of God’s Spirit among the people in Victoria.  You’re welcome to come along in the walk with me, provide support or constructive criticism, pray for our success and impact, provide practical assistance as I’m quite raw and out of my depth in website work. 

It’s God’s time, let’s see His glory reshape this state.

God Bless

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