Pertinent Points

Pertinent Points to Ponder

ANZAC and Easter thoughts

On the back of Easter and ANZAC Day, I challenge you with these thoughts on our priorities and how strongly we stand for Jesus.  Is Easter held in a higher esteem than ANZAC Day for us and what do we expect/demand from ourselves and society?  (Pls ignore the short brain freeze after 2:00).

Back on Task

Back on the job, there are difficulties for my but this is important so I keep trying to get on top.  If you can, pls pray for me to encounter someone with a bit more tech skills to help me stay on top.

Victorian State Election, electorate self esteem

Self Esteem as a Voter

As a voter you need some self esteem and not accept governments in general that are poor with public funds, devisive, economically damaging and serve self interests.  Also Christians need to ensure that there are people in government that can be relied upon, not to see Christian leaders sacked from jobs or face jail for their beliefs.  This current Victorian State Government is not supportive of the Christian message which is a massive problem for the Christian community.  Send a message.

Author Update

Update on the site and Author

Just a little about me and my background and drive for this site.

Walking with God

A successful walk with God is a tricky and challenging road, here are some thoughts.

Political Punch

I have no politcal point to push, other than to say we need to be more demanding of high ethical and moral standards in our leaders and the laws they pass.  Christians need to excercise some political clout for the good of our kids and this state.

You Are Eternal!

Like those Eternals that live forever, you will too.  The state of that existence depends on your relationship with Jesus.  Make no mistake, your decisions on earth reverberate throughout eternity. 

Mark 8:36;- What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?  NIV

Make good decisions, you will be accountable.

God Bless

The Story of Jonah

Jonah, a message for us.

The story of Jonah has a special message for me and for this site.  If a recalcitrant, fish gut smelly, lazy fellow; spat out by God with a questionable attitude and simple message with boring delivery can have an impact on Ninevah then there is hope for me and us.  A couple of points as you hear my discussion;- there is no obvious historic evidence to identify where Jonah was spat out by the fish. Yet if it was at the edge of the Meditternean Sea he had an almost 2 week journey inland and there is;-

  1. No record of that journey in his recount.
  2. No details of how he managed – smelling of fish guts and penniless – to convince a carravan to take him.
  3. Or – if he went home to freshen up – no details of his continual prayers and struggle with God.
  4. Why did the Ninevites build a statue relating to Jonah and the fish without knowing a connection?
  5. How did a stranger, after only a journey halfway into a city with a brief, repetitive message about doom (and no mention of God) strike an impact right through to the King?

Answer to all above, I don’t know how it was done and it actually doesn’t matter how the fish did it, but I am totally convinced Jonah was spat out in sight of the city and that story reached the King along with his message.  God works wonders.

Hope for me.

God Bless